Balanced diet to keep belly fat in check

The food we consume has a direct impact on the body and this is one statement that can hardly be disputed. A diet which has essential nutrients and health benefits ensures a fat-free belly. Certain foods trigger the body’s digestion and metabolism in such a way as to cause already deposited belly fat to be burned away, slowly but steadily. Foods loaded with fiber and containing Omega 3 fatty acids are considered staple inclusions in a belly fat loss diet.

Belly fat concerns

Globally, people have started having apprehensions about middle section fat. This is because research and statistics indicate that belly fat has a correlation with many diseases including cardiovascular, diabetes, some forms of cancer etc. Apart from these illnesses, a bloated tummy, which adversely affects the appearance of a person, also paves the way for low self esteem in most individuals. Abdominal fat moreover causes folks to worry about their health which could breed unnecessary stress; this again leads to more fat accumulation and thus a vicious cycle is formed.

Can belly fat be done away with?

How To Lose Belly Fat? However the good news is that belly fat is a reversible condition. With a sensible, balanced diet combined with regular exercise, people can get rid of unsightly and unhealthy abdomen fat and become fit for life.

Foodstuff to be included in a diet focussed on reducing belly fat

Fruits and vegetables are invaluable items to be included in any meal meant for fat loss. They are rich in fiber, contain important minerals that help in maintaining optimal metabolism and are filling too. Fresh fruits and salads containing raw vegetables, steamed vegetables and soups are ideal ways to energize oneself without the risk of fat increase.

Whole grains contain fiber which can help rectify impaired digestion. Foods like oats, brown rice, whole wheat and so on provide the requisite energy while keeping hunger at bay.

Omega 3 rich foods are an essential part of a healthy diet plan. These unsaturated fats help to keep the body in good repair by ensuring correct organ activities, hormonal secretions and maximum absorption of nutrition. Nuts like walnuts, hazel nuts, seeds like flax seeds, oils like olive and sunflower oil, fruits like blackberry and kiwi fruit and certain types of fish are a few food items that contain beneficial fat.

Coffee and Green Tea are known to have positive effects in the elimination of fat. Two to three cups of these are generally advised, though the coffee should be ideally black or taken with non-fat milk, sans sugar.

Water in sufficient quantities is required for any fat loss diet to take effect. It flushes toxins and helps body cells to function to their fullest.

Foods to be steered clear of to avoid tummy fat

Besides consuming the right food, it makes sense to say ‘No’ to unhealthy grub. Detrimental items include fast foods and processed snacks rich in trans-fats and saturated fats, polished grains, stuff containing high levels of white sugars etc. In general, frequent consumption of any food which suddenly raises the blood sugar levels and induces hunger at short intervals should be avoided.